Artisan perfumery is a rediscovered art. VYV is proud to bring to you our handcrafted, natural perfumes made in the non-mechanised tradition, featuring the highest quality essential oils.

The value of VYVfragrance is reflected in the 33-40% concentration.

We do not adhere to perfume creation “rights” and “wrongs”. Our idea of structure is creating the olfactory equivalent of ‘umami’ blends. 

About Us

Our full time professions before lockdown were 28 years as a professional, holistic aromatherapist and 30 years as a professional reflexologist. We have used the opportunity of losing our jobs to create our perfume business.

Life has taken us to different geographical locations over the last 43 years and presented us with a plethora of life changing and life affirming experiences and challenges.

We have spent many wonderful hours, thanks to technology, creating, discussing, fine-tuning our natural perfume blends inspired by our individual and mutual memories and experiences.

Our Natural & Organic Perfumes

Each of our natural perfumes is crafted by us to tell a unique and exclusive story. Our intuitive expression in our blends has no formulaic boundaries.

Nature's colours revealed

A taster of our six pure perfumes.

This VYV Treat Box gifts 3 of our most passionate, sensual and exotic fragrances.

What people say about our fragrances...

Sophie Gwyther
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I bought ‘Night Sail’ and I am absolutely in love with this fragrance. It is light but warm, sophisticated but playful. The scent lasts as long as I was promised by this wonderful company and I won’t be wearing anything else from now on.
Elizabeth Coulter
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Having purchased a sample box of VYV perfumes, a friend while visiting noticed the delightful box and was curious to sample the three scents. 'Oh lovely', 'Oh lovely', was her reaction to the first two perfumes she sampled then 'Oh My God lovely' when she sampled the perfume 'Barista'.

My friend and myself have discovered 'You can 'find yourself' in one or more of this company's unique fragrances!
Kieron Leal
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These are not ordinary perfumes. Their transporting sophistication and evocative depth couldn't fail to provoke intrigue.
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Received 3 tester bottles for my birthday yesterday and they are absolutely divine… you only need to put the smallest amount on as they really pack a punch… absolutely beautiful rich smells. Only tried one today and already cannot wait to test the other two… brilliant perfumes.
Roshene Walker
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Delectable, unique and long lasting fragrance fusions for skin and wellbeing. I'll take one of each please! So lovely to have a perfumer at long last in Fife!
John Grant
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I purchased no 1 as a present . The wife liked it so much I have now added nos 2 and 3 they really are lovely . The packaging is so unique and a very high quality. The items were posted very quickly. I would highly recommend this product.
Violet Shears
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Barista deliciously entices you in with warm welcoming flavours, opening out to subtle and beautiful aromas which will gently surprise you. I love this.
Nova P
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I adore these perfumes. So much so, I can’t decide which is the most delicious..and there are more I must try! Night sail is a favourite, fresh and playful but sensuous - I’ve received so many compliments wearing it. Gueldres is super sexy and Barista is like being enveloped in a gentle hug! I also bought a tester pack as a gift as they are just so lovely, beautifully packaged, and a little goes a long way. Perfection!
Fran Hastie
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Each fragrance evokes different reactions and memories. Particularly liked the sample of 3 which helped me choose my favourite - Barista at the moment. Impressive packaging and prompt delivery helped out when I was buying a last minute gift.
Grant Stewart
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After buying the sample box for my sister for Christmas, and hearing her rave about them, I had a sneaky smell myself - and to my surprise, 2 out of 3 of them, I would most definitely wear. Barista and Cucumber Snap being my absolute faves, I will order (or get others to order) for my birthday. Lasts forever, comments from others are complimentary and according to my sister, it comes in beautiful but simple packaging. Woohoo!!
Clare Falconer
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I finally found my scent!

I have tried lots of perfumes over the years but never found “the one”, until now. Night Sail is somehow so me that I can’t imagine wearing anything else. It works really well for the evening but also as a little spritz in the day, a little goes a long way and lasts for ages. I can’t stop using it, it’s such a romantic fragrance and totally unique; just like me.
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I have been wearing Barista as aftershave ever since buying it for my girlfriend. I kept stealing it so had to get my own. It’s a truly unisex scent that’s not overpowering and I’ve had lots of compliments.
Emma Goode
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Every time I wear a VYVfragrance, I get asked what I'm wearing by my friends! Love the scents, the sustainable and recyclable packaging and the fact this is a family-run business. Artisanal perfume at its finest!
June Falconer
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I really love these perfumes. So unique, lovely but not overpowering. I am wearing Gueldres at the moment very sensual but Night Sail is another of my favourites.
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Incredible natural and organic fragrances with real staying power. The team at vyv fragrance have an incredible eye (and nose) for detail, beautifully packaged the whole experience was really special.
Diane Simcoe
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Brilliantly crafted fragrance - I initially bought Night Sail for the name, not knowing what to expect from totally natural perfume, mass produced ones can make me sneeze. Night Sail is a delight, layers of scent take you on a sensual guided journey! Out and about people have commented on how amazing I smell but it makes me feel good anytime, being a home worker, a spray here and there gets me through difficult days at the desk . Looking forward to trying more of the sisters creations.
Sara Callen
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I bought three samples and thought I would share the differences, for me: Night Sail - smells like a forest; soothing and rich; like being wrapped in a fur! It's smoky - reminds me of Clan aromatic tobacco (which I loved the smell of). Barista - I dont smell the coffee at first, but it comes later. This is very green - like a post rain garden; leafy - maybe geranium, with a touch of lemon balm. I thinks this one's a daytime perfume, very energising. Titled Favourites - very fresh too; again leafy/garden, but lighter than Barista - makes me think of lying on a lawn in the summer sun. All are long lasting seductive perfumes 🙂
Chris P
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One word - amazing. I was lucky enough to have been bought Parcour for my birthday recently as I'd run dry of aftershave. I was and still am amazed by this fragrance. It smells absolutely fantastic. I've actually had random people ask me on the tube and in a shop last week, what I was wearing as they loved the scent. I've used aftershave from Aramis to Hugo Boss and all in between for years but never come across something that smells so good instantly. I shaved one day last week in the morning and that evening in the pub a colleague asked what my aftershave was so can can attest to it's longevity. It comes in a neat little bamboo casing which you twist like a lipstick to reveal the spray nozzle. Really good for travel purposes too, no more clunky glass bottles. I love it
Brian Hoy
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Gorgeous fragrances I have the sample box and every one is superb!!! I can't recommend them enough. And an amazing service. Very polite and friendly.
Miwa Tatsuhara
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Beautiful fragrances created with all-natural ingredients, each with such a unique story, is what makes VYV so special..All the fragrances, Night Sail and Titled Favourites I adore in particular, are one-of-a-kind and the scent is so powerful that only a little lasts me the entire day and longer!
Miranda Dewar
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I was given Parcour as a Christmas gift, and am delighted with its fragrance. It doesn't cling in the way that some perfumes do, lingering long after it's needed. The fragrance is sophisticated, but in an understated way - it reminds me of Diptyque. So easy to wear, not something you feel you have to dress up for! Well done team VYV!

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