Titled Favourites

Green florals and herbies combine with a fresh and clean woody roundedness.


Viv’s title:  The Picture House.

The epitome of excited anticipation, entering the wonderland of otherworldliness where imagination is de rigeur and what you think you know is left outside.

Before the movie; the smell trail of linseed from the linoleum floor in the foyer. The rough sugar paper ticket for the film in a sweaty small hand. The polished wood on the banisters leading to the theatre. The sweet darkness as you are shown to your seat by the usherette. The well-trodden odour of the red carpets in the aisle. The mustiness of the dusty floor-to-ceiling red velvet curtains readying the reveal of the screen.

Yve’s title:  The Secret Garden.

Join the journey through the high green gate in the lichen clustered wall into The Garden. Spring is meeting summer as the green shoots mature, spurring transformation into a garden in full bloom. The lodge house stands guard along one side, the dense wood heralding a season in transition along another. At the top, where the creosoted shed sits amongst the cut wood, lies a field of wheat.

Within The Garden smell, the Comte de Chambord and Lilac Pink roses. All the border flowers such as lily of the valley and lupins getting ready to flower – breathe. The lawns and the cherished gardeners have now gone but oh, how the memories linger. An oasis of “safe”.

Titled Favourites Ingredients

  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Honeysuckle
  • Orange blossom
  • Sunflower
  • Karo Karounde


Aromatherapy Footnotes

With the cooling and moisturising effects of Cucumber and Tomato, there are the complementing properties of honeysuckle and orange blossom that can reduce stress and tension. Whilst Sunflower essential oils boost energy, Karo Karounde applies warm, oriental floral notes with a hint of chocolate and gardenia.

VYVfragrance small batch perfume means that we have limited stock of every one of our perfumes, present and future. The ingredients are all plant-based and there are no colourants, synthetic chemicals, nor are they animal tested. They are consciously crafted and are paraben-free. They do not contain preservatives and most of our ingredients are sourced in Tuscany, Italy and Grasse, France.

Our essential fragrances do contain the highest quality of perfumer’s alcohol available, along with organic glycerine. 

All our essential fragrances are produced at our homes.

If you have a preference for a certain perfume, be aware that when new stock is created colour, nuances, density etc., may alter slightly as the cultivation of all the essential oils can vary depending on the weather, soil quality and distillation.

Each batch is unique, which adds to the distinctive charm of VYVfragrance.

Please bear in mind that our perfumes being derived from natural ingredients have therefore, natural colours and consistency. Whereas the oils are beneficial on the skin, they may stain if sprayed onto clothing.

Health and Safety

Our perfumes should not be ingested and care should be taken around staining with clothing. Refrain from applying near mucus membranes. Seek medical advice immediately and inform us if you should have any allergic reaction from our products.

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