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All of our vegan perfumes contain ingredients accessed from the highest quality producers and suppliers.

Nature's colours revealed

Nature's colours revealed

A taster of our six pure perfumes.


A non-profit making, pocket-sized luxury balm.


Deep and mysterious with a moist, velvety nocturnal sensuality.

£60 | 10ml

On purchase of your VYVfragrance, you shall receive an exclusive sample of our forthcoming perfume release.

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A balmy evening, somewhere in the northern hemisphere. Friends communing to take a night sail on a narrowboat upon the inky, satin river is our point of reference.

The quiet, musky odours of a post-sunset cruise through the waterway’s foliage, mixing with the moist, refreshing wafts of air on the river’s surface is a passport to a covert journey. We are lit only by the full milky moon and the candlelight from the lanterns, swaying on the bow of the deck.

Quiet swans, trailing verdure and nature’s nocturnal cloak add to the synergy of excitement, intimacy and freedom.

Our core body temperature has been warmed by the daytime sun, that sweetness emanating from our skin intertwines with slow, secretive sounds of the tiller being steered through the swishing water.

Ah, the symbiotic energy of smell, sound and vision. A sensory delight as we head into the darkness, allowing the hum of the engine to guide us on as we absorb the calm and the floral treat that only the night flora offers along the riverbank.

  • Blue Lotus
  • Linden blossom
  • Oakmoss
  • Labdanum
  • Ho Wood
  • Blood Orange
  • Benzoin

Blue Lotus and Labdanum improve spiritual awareness, sharpens the memory and lowers stress. Linden Blossom eases digestion as does Benzoin whilst also being effective in controlling blood sugar. Blood Orange has a positive impact on symptoms of anxiety and is uplifting and Oakmoss along with Ho Wood are restorative and natural antiseptic.

Green florals and herbies combine with a fresh and clean woody roundedness.

£80 | 10ml

On purchase of your VYVfragrance, you shall receive an exclusive sample of our forthcoming perfume release.

Free Shipping in the UK

Viv’s title:  The Picture House.

The epitome of excited anticipation, entering the wonderland of otherworldliness where imagination is de rigeur and what you think you know is left outside.

Before the movie; the smell trail of linseed from the linoleum floor in the foyer. The rough sugar paper ticket for the film in a sweaty small hand. The polished wood on the banisters leading to the theatre. The sweet darkness as you are shown to your seat by the usherette. The well-trodden odour of the red carpets in the aisle. The mustiness of the dusty floor-to-ceiling red velvet curtains readying the reveal of the screen.

Yve’s title:  The Secret Garden.

Join the journey through the high green gate in the lichen clustered wall into The Garden. Spring is meeting summer as the green shoots mature, spurring transformation into a garden in full bloom. The lodge house stands guard along one side, the dense wood heralding a season in transition along another. At the top, where the creosoted shed sits amongst the cut wood, lies a field of wheat.

Within The Garden smell, the Comte de Chambord and Lilac Pink roses. All the border flowers such as lily of the valley and lupins getting ready to flower – breathe. The lawns and the cherished gardeners have now gone but oh, how the memories linger. An oasis of “safe”.

  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Honeysuckle
  • Orange blossom
  • Sunflower
  • Karo Karounde

With the cooling and moisturising effects of Cucumber and Tomato, there are the complementing properties of honeysuckle and orange blossom that can reduce stress and tension. Whilst Sunflower essential oils boost energy, Karo Karounde applies warm, oriental floral notes with a hint of chocolate and gardenia. 

Baristas Blend and serve.

This time, a gourmand brew.

£40 | 10ml

On purchase of your VYVfragrance, you shall receive an exclusive sample of our forthcoming perfume release.

Free Shipping in the UK

Baristas Blend and serve

This time, a gourmand brew.

A sole intent to decorate

The sensory pleasures with soft light.

Tribology, perception, a soothing balm suggestion,

Call to the circuit of heart and spirit.

Immersive aromas propose associations.

These contributions delivered,

To where emotions and memory dwell.

Connection, interaction, gustation.

A limbic treat, a temporal dream.

  • Coffee
  • Cocoa
  • Cardamom
  • Bulgarian Rose
  • Green Tea
  • Vanilla

Cardamom is known as the “queen of spices” with properties that induce calm and relief. With topical antioxidants, coffee is great for the skin and nearly all of us have experienced the energy boost that can be achieved through simply smelling good coffee.

Cocoa stimulates the nervous system and can evoke psycho-physical well-being.

One of the most beautiful cultivated roses is Bulgarian Rose and studies prove that it is likely to relieve stress, anxiety and help with sleep issues.

Like Coffee essential oil, Green Tea e.o. is full of antioxidants, so lovely on the skin. It is known to relax and soothe.

To compliment the above perfume ingredients Vanilla has commonly been used since the 17th century to fight anxiety, depression, anger, insomnia and stress.


This is a deep, sensual perfume.

£70 | 10ml

On purchase of your VYVfragrance, you shall receive an exclusive sample of our forthcoming perfume release.

Free Shipping in the UK

Gueldres is inspired by Ravenscraig castle on the Fife coast. In the 15th century the Dutch queen consort of James II of Scotland, Mary of Guelders, had the castle built after the death of her husband in 1460.

James had ordered the building of the castle for his queen to keep her safe, it being the first of it’s kind to resist canon fire.

As children we lived and played near the castle. The atmosphere of the walls in ruins, the cold spray from the River Forth crashing against the rocks below enthralled us and fed our imaginations.

The reality:  cold, wet stone. The damp carbon-y sand. The clean grass amongst the destructured rooms of the castle.

The fantasy:  The huge fires burning with logs pulled down from the surrounding wood. The dusty tapestries hanging in the living areas of the King and Queen. The heavy brocade and velvets of the cumbersome attire of the rich of that era.

A story evolves.


  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Honeysuckle
  • Orange blossom
  • Sunflower
  • Karo Karounde

KARO KAROUNDE is not used in aromatherapy but it is found to be one of the most sensual of flower oils and is extremely rare.

The calming and grounding properties of TREE MOSS combines beautifully with the sensuality of KARO KAROUNDE to reduce stress, whilst MIMOSA lifts the spirits, potentially and can reduce the impact of worries and fears.

Bright and fresh, this fragrance hits all the notes for a shared encounter.

£60 | 10ml

On purchase of your VYVfragrance, you shall receive an exclusive sample of our forthcoming perfume release.

Free Shipping in the UK

I’ve checked the time, I won’t be late. There’s someone waiting who too has checked the time, who too is fresh from a dream of bright, dynamic energy.

Adorned with the crisp, uplifting fragrance of CUCUMBER SNAP and the impulsive sophisticated wafts of narcissus, my dream of peering through fresh frondescence into the gleaming dawn is becoming a reality.

When we meet, shall it be the same dream that binds and bonds us?

  • Cucumber
  • Narcissus
  • Calla Lily

Cucumber is rich in vitamin E and creates a protective barrier improving elasticity of the skin. Narcissus is also skin nourishing and restorative and helps with minor tissue regrowth. One of Benzoin’s properties is a stress reducer. Please enjoy “Cucumber Snap”

Passion filled exotic blend. Dreamy with underlying freshness and a note of tropical cocktails.

£70 | 10ml

On purchase of your VYVfragrance, you shall receive an exclusive sample of our forthcoming perfume release.

Free Shipping in the UK

An olfactory discovery of passion’s recovery,

We reach out for touch in the dark.

The playful and skilful becomes artful, wilful,

Reflecting time shared in the park.


We each run our heart, together, apart.

Traversing terrain.

Heart circuits unite, in the depths of the night,

Flowing, tuning in, body and mind.


PARCOUR is a beautiful fragrance to promote a meditative state with it’s mood enhancing, stress and anxiety diminishing properties in the essential oils used.

This perfume combines the freshness of sun-kissed flora with the engaging exoticism of rum cocktails in the dreamy evening sunset. Our dynamic blend of ingredients inspires euphoria and will keep you coming back for more.

  • African Rum
  • Green Tea
  • Rose de Mai
  • Blue Lotus.

African Rum can help to relieve muscle and joint pain and immunitive support.

Green Tea is well known for it’s antioxidant power therefore great for skin regenerating.

Rose de Mai is proven to inspire mental calmness and emotional stability.

Blue Lotus great for dispelling negative emotions, a euphoric, it is ultimately relaxing.

Health And Safety

Our vegan perfumes should not be ingested and care should be taken around staining with clothing. Refrain from applying near mucus membranes. Seek medical advice immediately and inform us if you should have any allergic reaction from our products.

About Our Products

VYVfragrance small batch perfume means that we have limited stock of every one of our perfumes, present and future. These are vegan perfumes, the ingredients are all plant-based and there are no colourants, synthetic chemicals, nor are they animal tested. They are consciously crafted and are paraben-free. They do not contain preservatives and most of our ingredients are sourced in Tuscany, Italy and Grasse, France.

Our vegan perfumes contain the highest quality of perfumer’s alcohol available, along with organic glycerin. 

All our vegan perfumes are produced at our homes.

If you have a preference for a certain perfume, be aware that when new stock is created colour, nuances, density etc., may alter slightly as the cultivation of all the essential oils can vary depending on the weather, soil quality and distillation.

The value of VYVfragrance is reflected in the 33+% concentration.

Each batch is unique, which adds to the distinctive charm of VYVfragrance.

Please bear in mind that our perfumes being derived from natural ingredients have therefore, natural colours and consistency. Whereas the oils are beneficial on the skin, they may stain if sprayed onto clothing.

We fill, pack and send you our clean, organic perfumes in sustainable, recycled, recyclable and ethically sourced products.

From the bamboo atomisers, acetone-free packing tissue paper, recycled paper labels and cardboard tubes through to the plastic-free padded envelopes, we strive to be the best we can be.

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