Our Shop Sustainability

From the natural, organic and plant-based ingredients to the recyclable, plastic-free envelope that arrives at your door, we are a company at VYVfragrance that values greatly ecological responsibility. We endeavour to source companies and suppliers who embrace a similar ethos.

The glass in which the perfume is contained can be recycled. The bamboo of the atomiser is a highly sustainable plant and grows to full size in just 3-4 months. Nasty pesticides and chemicals are not required when the bamboo is harvested. All the labelling on VYV products is printed on recycled paper and to reduce the use of excess printing materials, we have a VYVfragrance stamp with which we brand our recyclable, eco-friendly envelopes. The tissue paper on the interior of the reclaimable perfume box is acetone-free.

We do everything possible to maintain a small carbon footprint. Fortunately, more and more companies are adopting an ecological mindset to make this possible.