Perfume Application and Appreciation

VYV Fragrance

To appreciate perfume the favoured and essential method when you smell whilst in-store is to have it applied to the inside of the elbow, directly onto the skin.

Wait several minutes before smelling it and doing this, ensure that your mouth is slightly open for effective evaluation of all the notes present in the fragrance.

With VYVfragrance you are assured of 30-33% concentration therefore, as a perfume blends with your own body chemistry, time is required.

An oft asked question is;  Where and how do I apply my perfume for maximum sillage (the degree to which the fragrance lingers in the air when worn), longevity ( how long the perfume remains on the skin – 4-6 hours with pure perfume) concentration (the intensity once ‘settled’ on the skin)?

So, the areas of the body that optimise your sillage, longevity and concentration are:-

  • Inside the collarbone
  • Inside the elbows
  • Around the navel
  • Under the chest/breast
  • Behind the knees
  • Lower back

Apply one short spritz which is enough to have people ask “What are you wearing, you smell wonderful?”

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